Hey God? Why don’t dogs have boogers?

Hey God? Why don't dogs have boogers?

On our drive to the library after school today, my granddaughter asked me a question about the planets and I told her that that’s a good question to ask God when we go to heaven. I often use this as a pat answer when she stumps me. A lot of questions I can actually answer with a certain degree of accuracy – but why Pluto had to blow up isn’t one of them. To pass the time on our way to return books, we decided to make a list of other things we can ask God one day. Mostly things we don’t think are necessary. Like why do we burb and get warts? Why did you make black widows and ants and stinky stuff? And what’s up with head lice?? I remembered back when she was around three years old. We were taking our dog around the block for a walk. As most dogs do on walks, she stopped to do her business on some grass. My granddaughter watched as she finished and then asked, “Gramma? Why don’t dogs use toilet paper?”
I don’t know, but I think it’s pretty cool they don’t need to. I guess we could add that to our list along with one of her most important questions. “Why God, WHY do we have to have boogers?”


A mess? Really? RELAX… I call it busy!

A mess? Really? RELAX... I call it busy!

I have been my granddaughter’s day-care provider since she was born. Instead of a den, we use that bedroom for play. It contains an easel for painting and a white board for writing. There is a child sized table, books, paints, stuffed animals, dolls, all kinds of crafts all over the place, legos and all sorts of toys. There is a hop scotch rug on the floor. My grandsons play here too when they are in town.
I have been wanting to clean this room out for months. But the thing is, I love this room. We have made many memories in this room – my grandkids and I. Is it really a mess? Well to some, I guess it would be. Who wouldn’t love to live in a model home with everything neat and tidy and organized? At least that’s what we say when we walk into one.
But I have come to believe that stuff here and stuff there reflects something way better, and much more important than being neat, tidy and organized. It shows we are busy. We are busy being creative, busy learning things, busy using our time to make memories. A mess? I don’t see a mess – I simply see busy!

Stand Up and Cheer!! That’s my kid out there!!

Stand Up and Cheer!! That's my kid out there!!

Oh the memories of all those years getting up early on a Saturday morning to drive around the neighborhood in the Little League “float.” We’d decorate pick up trucks with banners and our boys looked forward to parading in the back of the pick ups with their teams. Opening day – freshly washed uniforms and their team caps – their favorite part. It was always their favorite day of Spring. Years and years of baseball with 3 sons on different teams – running to this game, running to that game – being team Mom, keeping score in the hot sun and the cold rain… are some of my very best memories. Now the baton has been passed down to my children and they juggle their own schedules to coach soccer, take their own little ones to karate, swim lessons, ballet, gymnastics. Kids think they’re stars – no matter how badly they perform a somersault or miss a fly ball. Why?? Because their moms, dads and grandparents are on the sidelines cheering like crazy.
Don’t EVER stop cheering – even when they’re grown. They know we have been and always will be, their biggest fans.

Turn around and she’s two, turn around and she’s four…

Turn around and she's two, turn around and she's four...

Seven years ago today I was visiting my dad in the hospital. I hadn’t slept a lot the night before because I knew my daughter in law was in labor with my first grandchild. My son called around 9 am just as I was chatting with dad and trying to cheer him up. It was a sad, sad time for him. My mother had just passed on five weeks before and he was lost. Deep in depression and now in the hospital from a fall. I answered my phone and heard the sound of my son’s voice. He said “Mom- she’s here!” “SHE??” We weren’t sure if it was going to be a girl or a boy – the ultrasound had been unclear. But I had hoped for a girl. I have 3 wonderful sons and loved having boys but a girl would be fun and different. My own mother didn’t have any granddaughters and I thought this woud be special for her too, had she lived. But I remember reaching to the heavens in tears and saying, “MOM!! We’ve got our girl!” I know she was smiling.
These past seven years have been a gift – 3 grandsons have followed and they are all growing up too fast.
I want to savor every moment. Mom and Dad are both gone now and it’s just time to enjoy the next generation.
Life goes on…

Oh… just let us be GRANDMA’S!

Oh... just let us be GRANDMA'S!

Things have changed a little – in some cases maybe a lot since I was a Mommy. The new generation of moms is more health conscious than ever. They have more information than we did. Sugar is REALLY bad, playgrounds are full of germs, private schools and home schooling are better than public, vegan diets are the rage and fast food… OMG! Don’t even want to go there!! Last night I had dinner with 2 of my besties; we’re all Grandmas. We adore our babies and would jump in front of a train for any one of them. We LOVE them. Sometimes we just want to break the rules and give them a cookie. Why?? Because we’re Grandmas!! And that’s what we do.

Love Sid’s Gramma

Love Sid's Gramma

For a long time I couldn’t get my granddaughter interested in “Sid the Science Kid” on PBS. Sid is a hoot. He has a great informative message to enlighten kids on the mysteries of how and why things work the way they do. Finally my granddaughter is interested too. We watch together now and learn things like why shoes don’t slide on the floor – Socks on the other hand do slide. So we learn about friction. Sid’s Gramma picks him up from school every day just like I pick up my granddaughter. She sings to the music on the radio and taps on the steering wheel like it’s a set of bongos. Sid gets into it too. This is exactly how we make the 7 minute travel from school to home. We both wear glasses and “Gramma clothes”, we both laugh at silly stuff while engaging in conversation about what happened at school. If she were real, we’d probably be friends. She is a little dorky, has an annoying laugh, and doesn’t care too much about being spontaneous. But Sid adores her… and really… is there anything else that matters?

3D – and lovin it!

3D - and lovin it!

Ever since I saw Ratatouille in 3D, I have been in love with 3D movies. I think I watched Ratatouille about 10 times. The detail just amazes me. The little hairs on his feet – the facial expressions of these little enduring rats is captivating. I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler and anyone that has this kind of artistic ability is to me… well, a genius. Movies should be fun. I feel so fortunate to have seen things I would have NEVER paid to see if it weren’t for my grandkids.  The Lorax, Madagascar, Ice Age, Polar Express, Tangled, Toy Story, Shrek, Wreck It Ralph… What I really think I love is that I get to forget about grown up stuff; the sorry state of the union, crime, sickness, unemployment, third world deprivation, etc and etc… I can just sit back with a tub of movie-butter popcorn and watch my babies laugh and jump when an animated butterfly pops out at them from the big screen… Oh yeah…. and we get to wear really cool glasses too!

Am I smarter than a first grader…. Apparently NOT!

Am I smarter than a first grader.... Apparently NOT!

They do start young… my granddaughter is aware that I just started a blog and don’t have much of a clue as to what I’m really doing. Just thought it would be fun to try and a way to keep a record of my grandkids adventures.
This morning during breakfast she says, “So Grandma, what are you going to blog about today?” I said, “Well, I hadn’t really planned on anything today.” She says, “Well, you know… bloggers have to blog EVERYDAY!” (How does she even know the term “bloggers”??) I said, “Oh, how do you know this?” “Well” she says, “because I watch “The Dog that Blogs.” And then she proceeds to download this Disney show on YouTube so I can learn a thing or two from this blogger dog.
Hmmmm…. I guess I will be tuning in on a regular basis so I won’t miss the latest on blogger etiquette. Even if it IS from a dog, or… a first grader.

TOYS – keeping current

TOYS - keeping current

Although play dough is still popular among little ones, no longer do I see many slinkys, yoyos, etch-a-sketches, eggs of silly putty or hear kids pop caps in their garage with a hammer. My granddaughter who is on winter break this week – arrived this morning armed with a small back pack full of Littlest Pet Shop characters. These miniatures dogs, birds, monkeys, skunks and other animal figures are “MUSTS” on her list of things we will play this week. All the cool kids have a pet shop character or two. Last year she introduced me to Rocky and CeCe and their hit show called “Shake It Up.” She started speaking in a new language like using BFF to describe her friends. We often “play” Rocky and CeCe” – I still mix them up – I remind her I just FINALLY learned all the names of the Disney princesses and now she is no longer obsessed with ANY of them.
She just shouted out that she needs a FURBY. I have no idea what that is. I will google.