TOYS – keeping current

TOYS - keeping current

Although play dough is still popular among little ones, no longer do I see many slinkys, yoyos, etch-a-sketches, eggs of silly putty or hear kids pop caps in their garage with a hammer. My granddaughter who is on winter break this week – arrived this morning armed with a small back pack full of Littlest Pet Shop characters. These miniatures dogs, birds, monkeys, skunks and other animal figures are “MUSTS” on her list of things we will play this week. All the cool kids have a pet shop character or two. Last year she introduced me to Rocky and CeCe and their hit show called “Shake It Up.” She started speaking in a new language like using BFF to describe her friends. We often “play” Rocky and CeCe” – I still mix them up – I remind her I just FINALLY learned all the names of the Disney princesses and now she is no longer obsessed with ANY of them.
She just shouted out that she needs a FURBY. I have no idea what that is. I will google.


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