3D – and lovin it!

3D - and lovin it!

Ever since I saw Ratatouille in 3D, I have been in love with 3D movies. I think I watched Ratatouille about 10 times. The detail just amazes me. The little hairs on his feet – the facial expressions of these little enduring rats is captivating. I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler and anyone that has this kind of artistic ability is to me… well, a genius. Movies should be fun. I feel so fortunate to have seen things I would have NEVER paid to see if it weren’t for my grandkids.  The Lorax, Madagascar, Ice Age, Polar Express, Tangled, Toy Story, Shrek, Wreck It Ralph… What I really think I love is that I get to forget about grown up stuff; the sorry state of the union, crime, sickness, unemployment, third world deprivation, etc and etc… I can just sit back with a tub of movie-butter popcorn and watch my babies laugh and jump when an animated butterfly pops out at them from the big screen… Oh yeah…. and we get to wear really cool glasses too!


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