Love Sid’s Gramma

Love Sid's Gramma

For a long time I couldn’t get my granddaughter interested in “Sid the Science Kid” on PBS. Sid is a hoot. He has a great informative message to enlighten kids on the mysteries of how and why things work the way they do. Finally my granddaughter is interested too. We watch together now and learn things like why shoes don’t slide on the floor – Socks on the other hand do slide. So we learn about friction. Sid’s Gramma picks him up from school every day just like I pick up my granddaughter. She sings to the music on the radio and taps on the steering wheel like it’s a set of bongos. Sid gets into it too. This is exactly how we make the 7 minute travel from school to home. We both wear glasses and “Gramma clothes”, we both laugh at silly stuff while engaging in conversation about what happened at school. If she were real, we’d probably be friends. She is a little dorky, has an annoying laugh, and doesn’t care too much about being spontaneous. But Sid adores her… and really… is there anything else that matters?


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