Stand Up and Cheer!! That’s my kid out there!!

Stand Up and Cheer!! That's my kid out there!!

Oh the memories of all those years getting up early on a Saturday morning to drive around the neighborhood in the Little League “float.” We’d decorate pick up trucks with banners and our boys looked forward to parading in the back of the pick ups with their teams. Opening day – freshly washed uniforms and their team caps – their favorite part. It was always their favorite day of Spring. Years and years of baseball with 3 sons on different teams – running to this game, running to that game – being team Mom, keeping score in the hot sun and the cold rain… are some of my very best memories. Now the baton has been passed down to my children and they juggle their own schedules to coach soccer, take their own little ones to karate, swim lessons, ballet, gymnastics. Kids think they’re stars – no matter how badly they perform a somersault or miss a fly ball. Why?? Because their moms, dads and grandparents are on the sidelines cheering like crazy.
Don’t EVER stop cheering – even when they’re grown. They know we have been and always will be, their biggest fans.


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