A mess? Really? RELAX… I call it busy!

A mess? Really? RELAX... I call it busy!

I have been my granddaughter’s day-care provider since she was born. Instead of a den, we use that bedroom for play. It contains an easel for painting and a white board for writing. There is a child sized table, books, paints, stuffed animals, dolls, all kinds of crafts all over the place, legos and all sorts of toys. There is a hop scotch rug on the floor. My grandsons play here too when they are in town.
I have been wanting to clean this room out for months. But the thing is, I love this room. We have made many memories in this room – my grandkids and I. Is it really a mess? Well to some, I guess it would be. Who wouldn’t love to live in a model home with everything neat and tidy and organized? At least that’s what we say when we walk into one.
But I have come to believe that stuff here and stuff there reflects something way better, and much more important than being neat, tidy and organized. It shows we are busy. We are busy being creative, busy learning things, busy using our time to make memories. A mess? I don’t see a mess – I simply see busy!


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