Hey God? Why don’t dogs have boogers?

Hey God? Why don't dogs have boogers?

On our drive to the library after school today, my granddaughter asked me a question about the planets and I told her that that’s a good question to ask God when we go to heaven. I often use this as a pat answer when she stumps me. A lot of questions I can actually answer with a certain degree of accuracy – but why Pluto had to blow up isn’t one of them. To pass the time on our way to return books, we decided to make a list of other things we can ask God one day. Mostly things we don’t think are necessary. Like why do we burb and get warts? Why did you make black widows and ants and stinky stuff? And what’s up with head lice?? I remembered back when she was around three years old. We were taking our dog around the block for a walk. As most dogs do on walks, she stopped to do her business on some grass. My granddaughter watched as she finished and then asked, “Gramma? Why don’t dogs use toilet paper?”
I don’t know, but I think it’s pretty cool they don’t need to. I guess we could add that to our list along with one of her most important questions. “Why God, WHY do we have to have boogers?”


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