It’s good to be gOoFY!

It's good to be gOoFY!

What’s a grandma supposed to look like anyway? My own grandmother wore a dress, an apron, a string of pearls around her neck and sensible shoes. She didn’t look anything like me. Her biggest and most important priority was to make sure everyone was fed. She cooked all day. Every meal was five course and then some. “Aren’t you hungry? You’d better eat!” If I ate as much as she wanted me to, I would have been the size of Texas by age 5. I don’t remember her acting silly around me – she was always in control. She was a good story teller too and I loved that about her. But today, me and my grandma friends don’t look anything like our grandmothers did. We don’t wear pearls or spend the day cooking. We’d rather play. We help out in the classroom, we take our grandkids to the movies, skating rink, park, zoo, ice cream parlor, and a number of other places just to have FUN! And the best part of all of this, for me, is that I get to act like a kid again. Grown-ups are really just big kids. I like to be silly, I like to be ridiculous and nutty. I like to make my grandkids laugh and see them having fun. I really don’t know any better way to do that, except to act like a kid again, be silly and act goofy!


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