See that?? That’s a cow!

See that?? That's a cow!

Per the cooperative eXtension system, many preschool children start to show tremendous growth in their creative art abilities. They are making forms and objects that are almost, but not quite, recognizable to adults. Circles, lines and crosses are always popular forms. Some 3 and 4 year olds may begin naming their drawings. In the middle of drawing, a child may look and say something like, “This is a cow,” or, “This is Mommy.” Naming artwork is a big step that shows the child has begun to think in terms of mental pictures. It doesn’t matter that the drawing has little or no resemblance to Mommy. What matters is that the child has discovered that drawing is more than just something physically fun to do. It is also a way to communicate ideas. They use their imaginations and improve motor skills.
One of my greatest pleasures is watching young children paint and color. They come up with the cutest pictures. They get immersed in their artwork and take great pride in their finished masterpieces.
I am no artist by any means. I appreciate anyone that can draw freehand and make their subjects look like the real thing. Mine do not. My forms and objects STILL aren’t recognizable to adults. I have to look and say “This is a cow.” Otherwise you might think it’s an animal from outer space. Nope… I am NOT an artist. But… give me a coloring book and I am all there! I still take pride in staying in the lines and making everything bold with color.
Color me quirky but I just get a kick out of coloring. Oh and the best part… someone else drew it and you can tell it really is a cow.


4 thoughts on “See that?? That’s a cow!

  1. I love this picture, and I love how you write. And I love seeing these kids as the inspiration for beautiful thoughts. I love it, keep it up.

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