My baby’s got blue eyes…

My baby's got blue eyes...

My boys will tell you they grew up with Elton John blaring on the radio.
Old hits like Tiny Dancer, Mona Lisa’s and Mad Hatters, Rocket Man, Little Jeannie and my favorite, Your Song. I love a good piano and EJ is the best! Car rides with the windows down, singing Candle in the Wind or Levon or Daniel. Crank it up! I still sing along when I happen to catch one of these tunes on Classic Rock.
My youngest grandson reminds me of yet another one of Elton’s classics. He is the baby of the family and has the bluest eyes I have EVER seen – the pure color of a clear sky.

“Blue eyes
Baby’s got blue eyes
Like a deep blue sea
On a blue, blue day”

Thanks EJ for this song ever reminding me of my beautiful blue-eyed boy.


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