The Photo Shoot…

The Photo Shoot...

With only one grandchild living local, it’s a rare treat when everyone is here together. During those special, infrequent times, I want just ONE good picture of the grandkids with me and their Papa. Just ONE! Is this too much to ask? Apparently.
We’ve tried a few photo sessions with our brood, and haven’t been real successful. The harder we try the worse it gets. One child has to pee, someone else is crying, one is covering his eyes because the sun’s too bright or another one has successfully escaped – nowhere to be found. I have come to the conclusion that my interpretation of a perfect family photo is completely distorted. I don’t think you’re supposed to have to put leashes on the kids, bribe them with ice cream to get a smile or lock them into position with a pair of vise grips. What I think – is this right here IS our “perfect” family photo. And like any good grandmother, I will cherish it forever.


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