Some things we all love, have stayed the same.

Some things we all love, have stayed the same.

Found an old picture from 1981 when we took our boys to Disneyland for their very first time. Thirty two years later, this is still a favorite spot for a picture. It really hasn’t changed much except they now have a photo company who will take your memorable picture for you, with a fee of course.
Back in 1981, no one had a cell phone yet. Big businesses were just beginning to hook up computers. Perms were in style, along with hideous shoulder pads (cough). I didn’t know of any women who looked good dressed like a line-backer. But you go with the flow.
Kids were crazy about Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Spiderman. Knight Rider and The A-Team were popular TV shows – I loved Dallas and Dynasty. Atari and Nintendo were just getting started along with MTV. Today everywhere we go, people are attached to their cell phones – back then it was maybe a rubik’s cube on a long bus ride.
This picture brings a smile to my face. After all these years, we still love Mickey Mouse – kids still want a pair of ears and their picture taken in this very same spot.
AHHH Disneyland! The Happiest Place on Earth and STILL is!


2 thoughts on “Some things we all love, have stayed the same.

  1. The boys look so cute. The shorts were short but at least they were up on their waist. Looking good Nate, Mitch and Dylan.

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