Mr Snuggles… somehow you are REALLY helping…

Mr Snuggles... somehow you are REALLY helping...

I haven’t been able to blog these past few days. I have been numb, feeling paralyzed actually – with the passing of my beautiful brown eyed girl. It’s been hard at times to even move my feet. I never knew just how much I REALLY loved her. I am just beginning to really realize just how much she REALLY loved ME. I think that’s the hardest part. I certainly didn’t know I would be left with this big of a hole in my heart.
My entire life I have been attracted to yellow labs. I just knew I had to have one during this lifetime. God sent me the perfect one, 9 years ago. She was a dream dog – so sweet, so loving and gentle. And cute – OMG was she cute! No matter where I was, she would find me. She would even wait outside the bathroom door. I could never walk into the house without the sound of my Maggie barking to greet me. She was my constant, always there, just for me.
Each hour gets just a little easier but it will be a long time before I get over the loss of my beautiful, beautiful girl.
Tonight I received Mr Snuggles, my new bunny rabbit. He is a gift from some dog loving friends who truly understand the gift of owning a dog. They understand the unconditional love, the loyalty and the riches we receive from having a canine companion as part of our families.
Mr Snuggles will never replace my Maggie but he is here to be my new friend, to cuddle and dry my tears. Somehow he gives me comfort and that is what I need right now. Ah Mr Snuggles, I don’t really get it, but somehow you are helping. Somehow you are REALLY helping.


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