Ahh Spring – a time for new beginnings and maybe too, for MaryJane…

Ahh Spring - a time for new beginnings and maybe too, for MaryJane...

Well today I was up and down with my emotions and grateful that I had to pick my granddaughter up early from her minimum day at school. I can not handle “sad” for too long. My head tells me it’s okay to feel blue, but let’s move on and enjoy those happy moments when they pop up. My granddaughter is ALWAYS a “happy moment.”
After school, we took some time to play out back. We swung on the swings, walked around the yard and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We then went out front and decided to give our outdoor “hippie” cat some love. MaryJane is 16 years old and prefers to live outside. Somehow she survives the freezing temperatures in the winter and the scorching hot days in summer. She has long fur that gets matted and because she rolls in the dirt and leaves, she looks like she has dreadlocks. She resembles Sylvester, black with white paws, chest and long white whiskers. We get the scissors out from time to time and cut these hanging tufts of fur to clean her up. Today was one of those days.
I have tried endlessly to take this old feline broad into our house where she surely would enjoy ideal temperatures all year long. The dog she feared, is now just a memory. Our gentle Maggie would never have hurt her – but we could never convince her. She will not come in past the threshold of the front door.
For her sake, I will keep trying. She is like 80 years old in people years. Surely, this senior ball of fur has earned a place on the couch, snuggled on a blanket, warm and comfy.
A new season is approaching and with it, new beginnings.
Flowers are blooming, birds are returning, days are longer, and maybe, just maybe, my MaryJane will begin a new chapter too. I WILL keep trying.


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