This was NOT my picture of retirement… Cruise?? What Cruise??

This was NOT my picture of retirement... Cruise?? What Cruise??

It was hard when my children left the nest. Being close in age, it was one right after the other. My first son left right out of high school for the army, followed by my second son a year later, and then my third, two years later, off to college. Now what??? I retired several years later and then it was really, NOW what??? I felt lost actually. I didn’t know my role any more. I was a mom and an employee and then it was just me and my husband. It felt empty.
I received the book, “A Purpose Driven Life,” from a friend. I read it and then prayed to God to show me His purpose for me. As it turns out, God DID have a purpose for me. I always wanted to be a school teacher. I LOVE kids. God led me back to my home town to care for my ailing parents. During this time, my first grandchild was born. My daughter-in-law asked if I could watch our new 5 month old granddaughter when she returned to work. Of course! How could I say no?
During this new responsibility, the most wonderful things have happened. I took her to “Mommy and Me” library time, infant and toddler gymnastics, toddler and pre-K pre-shool. I was her co-parenting “parent” in co-op programs. I was there with young mommies who could actually do “criss cross applesauce” on the floor without getting leg cramps. I did it all.
These past two years I have been volunteering in her classroom at school. First, Kindergarten and now first grade. I couldn’t be happier. I am not traveling the world, going on cruises to exotic places, or living on the beach in my dream condo. I am fulfilling another dream – that dream of being a school teacher that I have wanted all of my life. Sure it’s on a voluntary basis and there is no paycheck attached. That’s not important. What is though, is that I have a purpose, more satisfying and more rewarding than a beach house or traveling to dream destinations around the world. I get the gift of helping children learn. Being there to help the slower ones understand by doing it one on one. The things a paid teacher doesn’t have the time for. I GET to be of service in one small way.  No… I don’t have a cruise scheduled… but what I do have, is a purpose, thanks to my asking God.


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