Sometimes I just want to look like a Walmart shopper…

Sometimes I just want to look like a Walmart shopper...

How many times have you tired on six different outfits trying to find something suitable to wear? When IS it, we become so fashion conscious? Like our “outfit du jour” will define us. Okay, men probably don’t do this – my own husband has faded jeans, semi stone washed and his darkest blues for weddings and funerals. Men don’t have bad hair days. Most don’t even HAVE hair at my age. They have 3 pairs of shoes. REALLY?? I have 50 pairs of flip flops – I need every color – I live in California. I have fat clothes, skinny clothes and in between. I don’t have enough closet space for all this. Half my wardrobe looks awful on me – I have no idea why I purchased a lot of this stuff in the first place.
Now just ask a 4 year old to dress himself. I love how they pick out stripes with plaids, cargo pants with a dress shirt, or rain boots with just spiderman underwear. They are good to go, look adorable and have a happy day!
Children don’t judge the content of our character by what we have chosen to wear. They look at the soul, the spirit, the true human being. They see our smiles, embrace our hugs, engage in our warm conversations and they think we are beautiful.
Some days, I just want to be around children. They don’t notice what I’m wearing, that my roots are showing, that I need a pedicure, or am not wearing make up. They love the real deal.
Tomorrow – I might just wear rain boots, with a pair of crop pants, dress like a Walmart shopper and have a happy day!


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