I KNOW I will love her.

I KNOW I will love her.

Ten days ago I had to let go of my beautiful yellow lab, Maggie. She had cancer. We have been waiting for the call to tell us her ashes are ready. Tonight as I was leaving a restaurant after dining with two of my very best friends, I noticed I had a voice mail on my cell phone. It was from my vet. Yep… it was THAT call. I am dreading the drive, probably tomorrow, to pick her up. I don’t really want to look at the box containing her remains. But I do want her buried in our back yard, along side her sister who belonged to my son. She will have a proper burial as we say our final goodbyes.

During dinner with my friends, I had also received a call from my husband who was on the phone with a friend. Our friend was checking out our NEW puppy, born four weeks ago in the town where she lives. I watched the video, studied her picture and shared these images with my friends. We kicked around some possible names and talked about how cute she is and what fun it will be to have a dog again.
Yes, she is adorable, what puppy isn’t? The thing is, is that I just don’t love her yet. My husband and I, along with our granddaughter will go and see her in a few days, on the farm where she was born. We will hold her, play with her, look into her beautiful eyes, take lots of pictures and smell her sweet puppy breath. She will never take the place of my beloved Maggie. But she WILL warm my heart and I know, I just KNOW… I will love her.


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