Is this ME in ten years??

 Is this ME in ten years??

Add a good twenty, or maybe thirty minutes onto my travel time today and that would be about accurate. As I started out to run errands, I realized I had better stop for gas. I first went to my credit union’s drive through to get cash. In front of me was a little old lady that was standing outside of her car staring at the terminal. She had parked too far away to reach the touch screen from inside her car. I watched patiently as she tried to get her money, or maybe make a deposit, I’m not sure which. She would then stop and wait, look at the terminal and then start pushing options again. She did this several times and it was obvious she was not getting anywhere. I decided I should maybe back up and move over to the second terminal to my right. Just as I looked in my rearview mirror, a car the size of a small yacht came up behind me. A little old man was behind the wheel. I thought, okay… I am stuck and I should get out and go help this poor lady in front of me. Just then she decided to drive away without getting whatever it was that she wanted. I knew this because I saw her mouth the words, “damn it!”
I got my cash and felt bad. I was thinking… is this ME in ten years?
I went to gas up and there was a line. I picked an aisle, thinking this would be the shortest wait. Out pops an elderly woman from behind the ATM and instead of pumpng her gas, she goes into the store. I knew then and there she was having a problem. She walked slower than a snail and I knew I had chosen the wrong aisle.
Finally after a ten minute wait I got my gas and proceeded down the boulevard to start my errands. I did not get far and abruptly had to come to a stop. The light was green so I did not know why the traffic was coming to a stand still. I was able to see what was happening. An elderly woman had decided to make a U-turn from the opposite direction when she had a green light. Her large “senior sedan” was too big to make the turn and she had to stop, and back up several times to get back on the road. Oh dear… and again I thought, “is this ME in ten years?”
On my way home from finally finishing my errands, I was in the fast lane doing the speed limit; okay maybe 5 to 10 MPH over. Within 2 minutes I was forced to slow down. In front of me was a car with fins, (who drives these anymore?) but I knew… instantly. Anyone going 40 in the fast lane, using their blinker and clutching the wheel, is one of our senior “friends.” God love ’em!! They are trying… and yes… this is probably ME in ten years.


2 thoughts on “Is this ME in ten years??

  1. Ha, ha, ha, yes, it probably will be us. We need to be extra nice to our older generation, because someday it will be each and everyone of us.

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