The sweet music of chirp, chirp…

The sweet music of chirp, chirp...

Over the past few weeks my granddaughter and I have been watching two birds build a nest. They selected a space atop our ceiling fan on our back porch. Twig by twig, stick by stick, we watched it get bigger and bigger.
Being close to our kitchen window, we could observe the birds constructing it and happily chirping as they laid new pieces to their little bungalow. Very sparse in the beginning, it developed into quite a sophisticated little shelter.
Yesterday we noticed that one of the birds has been spending more and more time in the nest and we assumed their project was finished.
Today when the bird flew away for food, we took a peek. Inside we found a pretty blue egg. It looks like we will have a new baby house finch in about two weeks. Chirp, chirp… such sweet music to our ears.


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