How I spent my Easter vacation…

How I spent my Easter vacation...

During school holidays and summer vacations, I have my granddaughter during the time her parents are at work. I try and plan activities to keep us both busy between 8am and 5pm. We sometimes have playdates with her friends, go to the movies, the park or other places that we wouldn’t ordinarily visit. There is still a lot of time to cover in a 9 hour day.
This past week was Easter vacation and we had several things planned. She also has an important project due in school the middle of April. We decided we would spend some time on that, a little each day.
Being in first grade I didn’t think this report would be too complicated. I had no idea how much is expected of 6 and 7 year olds these days. First grade has changed a lot since I was in school, reading about Dick, Jane and Spot.
Her project is on an insect of her choice. She picked the pond skater. First of all, she is to answer 4 pages of questions about her chosen insect. The topics on this part include it’s description, habitat, life cycle, predators, prey and defense.
After these questions are fully answered, then she is to write a report. This report is to be 3 paragraphs long, and each one is to include a topic, details, and a conclusion based on the information she gathered from answering the 4 pages of questions. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Oh wait, we aren’t done yet. Lastly she is to either make a model of her insect, a poster with pictures, or a shoebox diorama of the insect in it’s environment. HOLY COW!
Well I don’t know how you spent your Easter vacation but I am now an expert on a bug I have seen swimming in my pool. It’s called a pond skater and did you know, there are over 500 species???


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