Cousins… the goodbye dance…

 Cousins... the goodbye dance...

When I was a toddler, my father was transferred and moved our family out of state. We left my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to live 2,000 miles away. We got together every two years during the summer and I looked so forward to these reunions on my grandparent’s farm. These visits are still some of my favorite childhood memories. Getting reacquainted with my cousins never took too much time. My brother and I would quickly pick up where we had left off and the antics would begin.
For three weeks we got to experience “family” – all of them – all of us – together.
Leaving was never easy. I can remember my mother crying in the car, every time we said our goodbye’s. We’d wave out the car window as Dad drove down the road until they were all out of sight. My grandmother in her apron, my grandfather in his bib overalls, the dogs barking, my aunts, uncles, and cousins all waving in the road – I can still picture these sad farewells.
Two of my three sons do not live locally. We’re not 2,000 miles apart though, so our visits are much more frequent. Yesterday my eldest son just left for home with our grandson after a weeks visit. He and our granddaughter who lives here are the same age. They
have always been very close even though they only get together once or twice a year. They instantly pick up where they left off from the previous visit and begin making new memories. There is a special bond there, and they enjoy every single minute with each other.
They won’t forget the fun they had this past week, they’ll save it in their hearts, and relive it through pictures. When the visit comes to an end – they hug and giggle and don’t want to let go. Then they make one last sweet memory of another great time together – their goodbye dance. Then we stand in the road, and wave.


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