Starting over… filling a void.

Starting over... filling a void.

Five weeks ago we had to put down the love of my life, Maggie, our nine year old yellow lab. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. She was many things, but most of all, sweet. That is the word that would best describe her. During the night if she had to go out, she would come to my side of the bed and lay her head next to my pillow. She would “whisper” a little whimper, as though she knew I didn’t want to be disturbed. I would always wake up of course, and let her out. She was just sweet like that, in so many ways. Gosh… I miss her… my sweet, sweet friend.
We decided to get a new puppy, another yellow lab. We have become very fond of that breed because they are eager to please, good with children, gentle and intelligent. A good family dog.
We have now had our new baby, Sierra Rose, for a week and a half. She is not with us to replace our Maggie but she is with us to fill a void. Our sweet girl left a huge hole in our hearts.
Sierra knows nothing of her predecessor. She is here simply to be a puppy in her new home, with her new family, in her new environment. She is work, she is taxing, she is a baby. She deserves our love.
After such a short time with us she has already learned many things. She can sit, stay, come here, and retrieve a ball on command. She is eager to please.
To be honest, I was not sure if I was ready to love another dog. Who would be able to live up to my sweet Maggie?
I have learned in this past week and a half that no dog could ever replace my first sweet girl. But Sierra Rose is loved and wanted and adored and she is filling a void.


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