I want them to enjoy just being a child…

 I want them to enjoy just being a child...

With the recent bombing in Boston, I have been thinking a lot of how all the violence in our world is affecting our children. It’s on the news almost everyday. Some new school shooting, a massacre, an Amber alert, an explosion, a senseless act of terrorism. It just seems to happen more and more. I did not grow up in fear. No child should.
As a child, I played outside until the streetlights came on. My neighborhood was safe. I went to the mall, the state fair, the 4th of July parade, the theater, roller rink. I went everywhere without one thought of impending danger.
I do believe there is way more good in the world than evil. But… evil is still out there. When, where, how… none of us really knows. Do we shelter our children from everything? I do not think so. To me, that just empowers the sick and twisted, emotionally unsound morons that walk this earth. I do not want them to win!
I want our children to have a childhood. Carefree, and fun. I want them to feel society is watching out for them, keeping them safe and allowing them to go to sleep at night without any worries.
Tonight I dedicate my blog to Martin Richard. A little eight year old child, innocent, with his whole life in front of him. Just a little boy that meant everything to his family. Gone in an instant just after hugging his father as he finished the Boston marathon. A little boy that thought he was safe, protected by his family and by society. Gone…
I pray for the Richards family and those that have lost loved ones in these senseless acts of terror. And I pray for my grandchildren that they might still be able to feel safe in an uncertain world and be able to enjoy just being a child.


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