Open House – a special evening of pride…

Open House - a special evening of pride...

Every Spring, open houses are held all over the country. Students and teachers scramble to get their classrooms ready for this big event. Projects are completed, rooms are decorated, desks are cleaned and organized and the walls and windows are adorned with reports and artwork.
Tonight I attended my granddaughter’s open house. She is in the first grade. She was excited for tonight and eager to show us her work. Her journal, poems, workbook, assignments… all the tasks she has diligently worked on this past year. Organized on her tidy desk – she was anxious to tell us all about her accomplishments.
What I noticed tonight was the joy that radiated across the faces of these 6 and 7 year olds. They have worked very hard. They are delighted, they are pleased and downright elated at all they have mastered in these past 8 months.
I know, they are first graders. Fresh out of the gate. They have a lot of school years before them. But right now, they are starting out being eager to learn and to show the world that they are interested in… everything!!
They are trying hard… they are proud… and I am too.


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