Hey Baby… What’s your sign?

Hey Baby... What's your sign?

Rounding out the zodiac cycle is the Pisces – the sign of eternity and reincarnation. Pisceans are in a constant battle between balancing life’s realities with the dream world they’re drawn to.
Emotional, intuitive, lazy, impractical, compassionate, impressionable… Everything is based on feelings and the dream world we feel such a strong pull to, instead of logic and rationality.
Born in March, that’s my sign. My element is water, my special color is turquiose – the color of the sea – and my symbol is two fish.
Today my husband suggested I clean out my dresser drawers – they are a mess. They started out organized but that was 7 years ago when we moved in here. I could also give my closet an overhaul. I scramble to find things when I’m running late and it’s because I really do need to reorganize. The thing is… I just got this picture of my two grandsons who live at the beach. I once lived there too and it is my favorite place in the universe. The ocean moves me – it moves me right into dreamland where I’d rather be. I don’t really care about the chaos I have created in my closet. I’d rather dream…
In 5 weeks I will be on the island of Kauai. I will be basking in the tropical sun, frolicing on the beach, snorkling with my beloved fish, and appreciating God’s special gift to me – the ocean.
I am a dreamer – I am a Pisces… what’s your sign?


3 thoughts on “Hey Baby… What’s your sign?

  1. I’m an Aquarius. And oh how your sign fits you perfectly. We wish you lived back by our beach again too Gram Gram.

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