What it’s all about…

What it's all about...

Over 37 years ago I welcomed my first baby boy into the world. He was followed 17 months later by a second son and then came our third son 18 months after that. Three boys in three years. What a whirl wind. The hectic, busy, often very taxing life we had are now memories – sweet memories indeed.
It’s been months since I have blogged. Got busy with a new puppy. Another demanding and taxing part of life that just like our children, we chose.
One of my dreams was to have our sons be friends – forever friends. Not just brothers but siblings that truly love and care for one another… They couldn’t be more different.  Their personalities and passions in life are so diverse. I love that. I get to draw different perspectives on life from each one of them.
Now my boys are all grown men with children of their own. I just received this picture of my eldest and youngest sons boys sharing a good time together. Cousins – my grandsons – sharing a bond that I hope will last a lifetime – just like the bond of their fathers, my sons. I couldn’t ask for anything more! In the end… It’s what it’s all about.


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