The Magic of Christmas… I want it to last forever!

The Magic of Christmas...

I can’t believe it’s been nine months since my last blog. I was thinking about when I started this last year and how I should keep it going. My grandkids are growing up too fast. This is a good way to record their lives and to save my sweet memories.
My mother passed on eight years ago this month and gosh darn it – she never got to meet her four wonderful great-grandchildren. She loved Christmas and all the decorating that went with it. Her home was always adorned with lights and wreaths and she and Dad would have music piped through outdoor speakers with carols playing. Her Christmas tree was packed with ornaments – including all the old ones that my brother and I had made throughout the years as kids. Her packages were always wrapped with beautiful bows and often with little angels, or holly, or tiny bells entangled in the ribbon. She didn’t throw gifts into Hallmark bags covered in colored tissue paper – she took her time and every present was enveloped with love. Her favorite Christmas song was “Oh Holy Night.” I still cry in her memory whenever I hear it playing.
Last week was spent with all four of my grandchildren and most of my family, ringing in the New Year in San Diego. Christmas was still in the air as we visited Sea World for two days. It really felt magical. Carols were playing, 400 Christmas trees were brightly lit throughout the park and Christmas characters dotted the streets. We even saw real reindeer. Two whole days of happy children and glowing adults. It was impossible not to smile.
My oldest son and grandson live in Washington. My youngest son and daughter-in-law live in San Diego with their two little boys, and my middle son, daughter-in-law and their daughter live locally. As my oldest grandson was packing up and heading for home, he said, “Dad, I want to stay here – I don’t want to go.” The times when we can all be together are priceless. More importantly, seeing my four grandchildren together, laughing and playing, smiling and making memories, is magical – just like Christmas. I want it to last forever!


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