The Family Photo Shoot… most of the time, this is as good as it gets.

The Family Photo Shoot... most of the time, this is as good as it gets.

As a proud mother of 5 amazing kids (counting my daughters-in-law) and 4 even MORE adorable grandchildren, I want pictures! Every time my family visits I want to capture our memories. Problem is, I never have my camera or iPhone handy at those opportune moments. As soon as I run for a device to take a picture, the moment is gone. I ask them to re-do whatever it was they were doing and of course get heavy sighs and grumbles, followed by “Oh Mom!” Little ones never cooperate. They might for maybe a minute or two, but as soon as I snap the photo, they turn their heads, close their eyes or just run off. I’m like “WHAT?? Can’t you PLEASE let Gramma get a picture? I’ll give you a cookie if you’ll just stand still and give me a smile.” (I hope I have cookies.) Sometimes this works but not always due to their short attention span. Then there’s the sun… okay – that’s a whole nuther source of irritation. Pictures with the sun behind the subjects result in shadows and never turn out. They need to be facing that evil, big ball of fire to avoid being hidden by gray. My seven year old grandson won’t hold his eyes open even when a dozen cookies are used as bribery. Almost every image I have of him is with a squint, and a pained expression on his face like this two whole minutes of his time is some type of cruel and unusual punishment. Of course, he IS from Washington so I guess the sun is some kind of alien.
I have come to the conclusion that if and when I do get a good picture of EVERYONE at the same time, it really is due to divine intervention and a complete miracle. I actually do have a few. Yes, a few. But most of the time… this is as good as it gets.


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