“Did you want to read this?”

Hi, my name is Sierra Rose. I came to my new home last April when I was just seven weeks old. My owners had a lab before me, named Maggie. I guess Maggie was a “good” dog. I keep hearing that… repeatedly. “Maggie never did that! What’s wrong with you?”
I like to chew. I like to chew everything! It doesn’t matter what it’s made out of. Wood, paper, material, metal – yum yum – it’s all so much fun! I particularly like to take things out of the trash. I guess that’s why every door in the house is closed.
I used to have a frisby. I ate it. I used to have LOTS of dog toys. I ate them. I used to have a soft pad in one of my dog beds. I ate it. The little girl that’s here after school used to have 5 Barbie’s. She now has 4. I ate one. There is an old chair in my parent’s bedroom that I have destroyed. I have crucified slippers, shoes, a pair of glasses and almost the entire drip system in my backyard. I try to eat rocks but they take them away. Something about ruining my teeth.
I guess I scared my owners the other day when I couldn’t poop. I tried, but it got stuck. Kind of resembled link sausages, connected with string. I had to have some assistance. Oh, and it was colorful too.
So now I am waiting for some new toys to come in the mail. They are supposed to be industrial strength, with a durability of ten. The toughest toys made, for dogs like me. They should be here any day. In the meantime, I found this magazine that someone forgot to put high up, out of my reach. Hmmmm… no one is in the room right now. Oh wait, here they come… “Did you want to read this?”


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