For crying out loud… Can you kids pipe down???

For crying out loud... Can you kids pipe down???

How many times growing up did you hear your parents hollering at you for making too much noise?
“You’re making so much racket, I can’t hear myself think!” That was a good one. What does that mean? Why do we need ears to think?
I have to admit, I probably said this same thing to my own kids. If you have a two story house, it sounds like thunder when your kids are upstairs and you’re on the ground floor. As soon as you run up there and open the door, they’re all sitting quietly and staring at you like you must have just been released from a mental institution.
“What are you kids doing in here?”
As soon as you get downstairs, the thunder returns. You can run back and forth as much as you’d like – the results are the same. They have this down to a science and win every time.

Now that I am older the raucous coming from my grandchildren’s playroom is music to my ears. Listening to them rambunctiously enteracting and playing is so pleasing and entertaining. I find myself hearing no noise at all. I just see happy kids, being kids, and having a great time. They bring a smile to my face, put joy in my heart and make me feel so alive.
I don’t ever want them to “pipe down.”


2 thoughts on “For crying out loud… Can you kids pipe down???

  1. I would agree. Although I did take down Grandpa’s drum set. Just too much temptation and yes, too much noise that echoed about the house. When they learn how to play guitar and accompany the drums it will come back… lol

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