Hey Everybody… I have a GREAT idea!

Oh I have  GREAT idea...

In the town I live in, we have an outdoor skating rink especially popular around the holidays. A few years ago, when my grandson was not quite two and visiting for Christmas, I of course wanted to create good memories of time spent at Gramma’s house. During the week we had enjoyed a lot of the usual activities popular during this festive time of the year. We baked and decorated cookies, viewed the neighborhoods with the best lights, sang carols, had visits from friends and other relatives, saw the newly released kids Christmas movie, shopped til we dropped and had lots of playtime and giggles. As the week was winding down and we were running out of new things to do, I suddenly had a GREAT idea!  Why don’t I take the kids to the ice rink for a session of skating!  The rink was filled with smiling skaters, frolicking around to the beat of the Christmas music. We all felt the joy as we rented the skates and paid for the 90 minute session.

After 20 minutes of trying on and lacing skates, my son and daughter-in-law took my grandson and granddaughter out on the ice. I was going to sit back, take pictures and enjoy their FUN from the sidelines. Neither grandchild had ever skated before so they had to be held up and pushed around the rink. The first time around I saw smiles and happy faces. “Oh good,” I thought… this really was a GREAT idea! A few rounds later I noticed the expressions had changed. My daughter-in-law said her back was getting sore from bending over and took a break. I ventured out with little booties they offered that I could walk in and helped push the kids. While they’re slipping and sliding, my grandson is clearly ceasing to have fun. His pants are wet, his feet are sore, his jacket is hiked up exposing his belly to the cold, he’s crying and wants to go see Mommy!! Wonderful… I then spot my son leaning against the rail holding on to my four year old granddaughter, looking spent.  It’s definitely time for a break.

After having some snacks, warming the kids, and resting our feet, we go for round two. I am poised with camera in hand, rocking to the beat of the carols, yelling encouraging  words like “Great Job!!” from the sidelines all the while hoping to see smiles return as they round the bend. I still need my pictures! We only have 30 minutes left. “Ok! Look at you! You’ve got it! Let me see that BIG happy face…………”

“Hey everybody… I have a GREAT idea!! Let’s go get ice-cream!” Smiles return and I get my pictures! 🙂


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