This is for YOU – all you moms that are still smiling. Happy Mother’s Day! It was all worth it!

This is for YOU - all you moms that are still smiling. Happy Mother's Day! It was all worth it!

This is for you – all you moms that have weathered the storm of raising kids through the best of times and the worst of times. Happy Mother’s Day to you!
They started out giving us morning sickness. We ate soda crackers because they said they were supposed to work. HA! They didn’t. We threw up anyway. They gave us bloated bodies, swollen ankles and the necessity to pee every hour on the hour. We went to Lamaze classes and learned how to HEE HEE HEE to supposedly ease the pain during labor. REALLY?? That was a joke!
Then we endured that “happy” day when our baby was ready to be born. We Hee Hee Hee’d until we were silly trying to push through every agonizing pain and contraction. YEE-OUCH! And then we finally got our prize – the brass ring we had waited 9 long months for. They sort of looked like lizards but we thought they were beautiful. And they were!
We walked the floor at 2am for no apparent reason. They were dry, fed and coddled but they cried anyway and we had no idea why. Later they cut teeth and we stayed up all hours trying to soothe them. They had fevers and runny noses, earaches and diarrhea. They got chicken pox and we said “DON’T scratch!” We stayed up crying with them, right along with their pain.
When they started school we stood up for them when they were kicked off the bus for being “too entertaining.” OH COME ON!!  What kindergartener doesn’t want to sing on his way to school. We took their side when they were bullied or pushed off their bike by a bigger neighbor boy. We consoled them when they struck out in Little League and told them how very proud we were of their good sportsmanship.
We went to every open house, praising them for their wonderful folders full of artwork, science and history projects. A job well done. We wanted every teacher to know that this, OUR child was and should be treated “special.” Thats just what mothers do.
We were there to greet out middle schooler at the bus stop because he had forgotten his lunch. We were met with that look that says “drop dead.” But we smiled anyway knowing he probably really did appreciate having lunch that day. :/

And OMG those teenage years when they learned how to drive. We set a curfew when they were allowed to take the family car out on a date. They were never home at the exact minute they were supposed to be. We paced the floor and prayed like crazy that they weren’t in an accident. Then there was always a siren – it could have been in Texas but we heard it. We suffered heart palpitations as our heads went off in tangents imagining all sorts of horrible things. Then as they came sauntering through the front door, somehow we managed not to strangle them when they saw our frantic faces and said, “What’s wrong with you?”

We had days when we couldn’t wait for them to move out. Then one day they did and our nests were empty. We looked back at all those years of hard work, the chaos, the heartache, and above all, the joy. Our homes became quiet and we stared at their bedrooms wanting them to come back. We found out that we weren’t really ready, after all.

Through all of our trials and tribulations, our pleasure, our pain, our laughter, our tears, we somehow came out the other side in one piece. Why? Because we are mother’s and we are still smiling because we know, with no uncertainty, that it was, in the end, all worth it.



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