Snaps and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails… Boys are Angels too!

10460213_740107232703061_8951900359886354181_nI have been SO inconsistent with blogging.  It’s always a picture that inspires me to write.  This one surely did. This is my 8 year old grandson. His name is Max.

I was married for almost 2 years when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Just like most excited first time moms, I didn’t think about the sex of the baby at first – I was just over the moon that I was “with child.” When will I show, when will I start wearing “fat” clothes, will I have morning sickness, when will I feel the baby move, etc, etc… Later, as the reality of it all set in, I started thinking about whether it would be a boy or a girl. What did I want? I wanted a boy. I babysat a lot when I was a teenager. That’s how I earned my spending money.

There was this family that had four kids that I sat for pretty regularly. The eldest two were girls and the other two boys. The girls wanted to sit and comb my long hair and play dolls. That was okay and I did enjoy them. But it was their brothers that pulled the most outrageous shenanigans that put me in stitches. They made me laugh, they gave me a challenge, they made me work for my 50 cents an hour. They were fun!  When I tucked those boys in at bedtime, I saw the sweetest, most angelic faces that wanted nothing more than a big hug after putting me through a sometimes exhausting night. They were the two that told me they loved me for babysitting. They tugged at my heart. I think that’s when I decided that I hoped some day, one day, I would have a little boy of my own. A dirty little face, a half cocked mischievous smile that left me wondering, and at the end of the day, a heartfelt hug. Well, God was pretty darn good with that wish and gave me three.

Some of my close friends did have daughters and to be honest, at times I felt a little jealous. No… make that a LOT jealous! I didn’t have a little girl to dress up, put in pigtails before school and watch “Little House on the Prairie” with before bed. I even sometimes  heard things like “EEEWWW you have ALL BOYS? How do you do it??”

Well, here’s the thing. As my middle son left our home this evening after a short visit and chat on the back patio, he walked out to his truck with a half cocked smile and an “I love you Mom.”  My grown boys still tug at my heart! As I look at this picture of Max, I feel all that wonderful love of being a mom of boys. Snaps and snails?? I think not. Max in his LA Angels shirt (his dad’s favorite team), looking at the sky… that right there, that’s an angel!

I love you Max, Gramma xoxo


2 thoughts on “Snaps and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails… Boys are Angels too!

  1. Oh how I love this. I am so blessed to have two beautiful boys who definitely keep me wondering! This family is great and I am so grateful to you for having that third boy!

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