Meet Payton (who is writing the blog today)

photokeep-calm-and-believe-in-the-sf-giants10730825_10153323738448916_7394067370246731283_nHi I’m Payton. As you can see by the title I’m writing the blog today. I’m 8 years old and i’m turning 9 in February. I’m the oldest grandchild. And i play soccer. I’m a HUGE Giants fan. I live only 5 mins away from my gramma. While my cousins either live in another state or they just live in another part of the state thats just really far away. I’m in the 3rd grade and for homework we have to write a story or a poem. I’ve decided to write a story. My story is called The Chiristmas Grinch. I’ve decided to keep you posted about my story untill Friday. I will not be able to on Thursday because I will not be here. But i will show (write) you my progress. I will be doing more posts in the future. This will not be the only one. But today i will read you my story so far.


The Christmas Grinch

Hi Im Gracie. People call me the Christmas grinch. They call me that because Im kind of… well Im grouchy when Christmas comes around. And the reason is because It’s hard to get everyone gifts when you don’t know what they want. Although It’s a piece of cake for my brother and our parents. But for my aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and friends it’s like rocket science.

So next week we have this thing called the elf shop. It’s basiclly this little gift shop thats in one of the empty classroms where you buy Christmas presents for your family and friends. So mom gave me $15 so I could get some gifts for my friends and family.

                        So i hope you guys liked this and i will tell you my progress tomorrow.




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